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Punta Cana Destination Information

The unspoiled scenery of Punta Cana will leave you breathless. Forty miles of pearl-white sand beaches and luxurious beach resort hotels line the eastern coast of this island. Deep sea fishing is king on these shores. Punta Cana has put a priority on its ecological efforts. Vacationers can hike trails and view some of the native and rare species of animals and vegetation while the island's mineral ... Read Full Description

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IFA Villas Bavaro Resort and Spa
Destination: Punta Cana Caribbean
Hotel Rating: 3.0 Stars

IFA Villas Bavaro Resort and Spa; this complex is perfect for families, couples and singles searching for an idyllic beach setting, good values ad variety of activities, we offer our guests a friendly and fascinating environment for practicing their favorite sports, sampling delicious food an enjoying colorful tropical shows.

The beautiful Bávaro Beach with its warm white sand and the incredible turquoise colored water is also waiting for you to take a wonderful refreshing swim and to delight you with the warm of the Caribbean.

Our 7 restaurants capture a wide range of the worldwide cuisine, with unlimited reservations in our a la carte restaurants Bambú- Orirental, Jalisco- Mexican, and Caribe-Gourmet. 7 bars (including swip-up, beach & jacuzzi) strategically located around the complex and the lounge bar \"Cafe Dominicano\" that is open until 01:00hs and for those that want to have more action we have our new disco club \"Fantasy\" until 4:00am (drinks included).

3 pools with separate children\'s area, Kids club, Water sport and our animation team are waiting for you.

Accommodations: Rooms have one twin bed and one queen bed, or two queen beds, or one king bed, ceiling fan, Satellite TV, fridge not stocked, in-room safe fee and full bathroom with hairdryer. Balcony or patio. 262 rooms in this section and 652 overall.

All inclusive: 7 restaurants capture a wide range of the worldwide cuisine, with unlimited reservations in our a la carte restaurants Bambú Japanese, Jalisco Mexican, Caracoles International and Caribe Gourmet. 4 bars strategically located around the complex and the lounge bar Capitan Aguimes that is open until 01:00hs and for those that want to have more action we have our beach disco La Jungla until 02:00hs.

3 pools, children pool, 3 tennis courts fee for night lighting. Non-motorized sports include windsurfers, kayaks, sunfish sail boats, snorkeling equipment, and a scuba introduction in pool. Day time activities, nightly shows and entertainment.

IFA Villas Bavaro Resort and Spa Reviews

Ifa villas resort

5.0 Rating by Gemma on May 21, 2006

This hotel was great, the staff were really helpful and always smiling even though we had trouble communicating! When we complained that water wasnt running from our bath properly someone arrived within 2 hrs - even though it was 9pm!! They have really thought of everything to make ur holiday enjoyable. There is always free water and there is food for every nationality. it is clean and bug-free even in high mosquito season (when we went) we didnt get bitten once. there are 3 pools and a childrens area - its very nice and quiet and relaxing. the beach is also private. the only bad things about the hols was they never had any clean towels so we were very lucky we had taken our own. the showers were abit slow and weak and there wasnt much light in the room in the evenings which made reading and makeup applying abit difficult! but then who needs makeup when uve got a glowing tan! :) basically from what i could gather the people who didnt like the hotel were those who expected everything to be "British" - ie. there is no such thing as a power shower in DR! but thats the beauty of other countries

Great for a Week.

5.0 Rating by Dale on March 6, 2005

We flew to Punta Cana with Transat Airlines. We were served a rather tasty meal, the movies were reasonably current and there was a pillow and blanket for every passenger. The only complaint would be that in 7 hours of flying they only served drinks twice (ie:2 cups of fluids in 7 hours). We were dehydrated by the time we arrived.

The hotel was reasonable for a 3 star. I wouldn’t expect much more – or be happy with much less. The rooms were basically clean except that the walls didn’t appear to have been washed in a while (the remains of squashed bugs were still stuck to the walls and ceiling). The room had full width patio doors which let lots of light. The downside is that our particular room backed on to a grey-water lagoon which had an unpleasant smell at times (the 3500 block, avoid it). So we didn’t use the patio or keep the doors open as much as we would like to have.

The pools and beach were excellent. The beach has the softest sand we have touched– and we have been around the world. We never had to fight for chairs but that was because we were usually ahead of the crowd. I imagine anyone who came mid-afternoon might have trouble finding an empty one. There is a beachside bar and grill for mid-day drinks and meals. To get to the beach we walked 100m to the end of the hotel, another 50m through a sandy, well treed area and then maybe another 20m to the water. There are much closer rooms but the closest ones are close to the disco and hence, are more noisy at night (so we have been told). Somewhere in between might be a good compromise.

Drinks were served fairly strong – much stronger than Mexican resorts and a bit stronger than North American standards. Rhonda ordered hers with “poco” alcohol. I was impressed that they served the best quality Bavaro rum made on the island if you ordered it on the rocks. It was smooooth… like drinking good scotch with a rum flavour. It became Dale’s favorite and he bought two bottle of the rum to take home.

There is always something going on - dance lessons, beach volleyball, various beach games or competitions. You also have free access to open kayaks, paddle boats, and small sail boats. Catamarans are available too but at a cost (most other beach resorts offer them for free, so it is a bit of a rip off).

As far as tours go, we hit the jackpot. Based on another review here at this site we contacted Wim Goessens {cell: (1) 841.72.41 or email: wimpyja@hotmail.com}. There were six of us traveling together and he took us on 2 personal tours (we had 8 on the second as we invited another couple we had met). Each was a full day (8 AM to 6 or 7 PM). Wim’s tours allow you to “experience” the country as opposed to just seeing it. Where the Jungle Safari takes you to a school that has been set up to accommodate tours, Wim takes you a remote school where the children don’t see many visitors. I’ll tell you… DR kids are not well behaved.

We visited the home a several real REAL DR families, not actors paid to entertain tourists; and we experienced two home cooked typical Dominican lunches (except that Wim made them include vegetables, which are not a part of a regular DR diet). We fell in love some of the children. Knowing what I now know about what happens to girls when they become “of age” I wished I could adopt the daughter of one of these families – she was so bright and could have a great future – if she was given half a chance. It won’t happen in DR.

Win took us snorkeling to a less used site (albeit, the coral was noting compared to other places), swimming in a local river (some local kids joined us– we taught them how to skip rocks and they caught a tarantula for us to see), to a natural grotto (where it looked like we were about to be robbed until Wim pulled his gun out of his pocket and tucked it into his belt where it could be seen) and to a beach where the waves are much bigger and we could go body surfing. We also visited a waterfall (rare in this part of the island) and walked down the creek for a so called “jungle walk” (more arid than jungle, nothing like central or South America).

Wim’s stories are very interesting, It was such an eye opener. He has been on the island for 10 years, most of which was as a manager at one of the resorts. He knows how the resorts work. He was also one of those so called “hosts” for one of the airlines at one time. What a scam. They are sales people there to sell tours, not provide service. They get HUGE commission and send you with a local tour company contracted to them (the tour company only get 50% of what you pay). These same local companies aren’t allowed to take you directly as a client but there are other local companies or guides (like Wim) who can. These are more personalized tours and charge less ($300 for the six on us on the first tour, 20% less on the second). The sales people (oops, I meant hosts/hostesses) will discourage you from booking with these local companies for obvious financial reasons. The only complaint about Wims’ tour was that when we paid him in peso’s at the end he ripped us off on the exchange rate – getting ripped off is a true Dominican experience.

The best food by far was at the Caribe restaurant (poor service, but great food). The DR restaurant was a close 2nd (make sure you order the rice pudding) and the Beach Grill 3rd (best service overall, but not a great menu). We didn’t like any of the 6 dishes we ordered at the Mexican and the buffet tended to be mostly bland food – although they would sometimes have something good frying on the grill.

There are a number of reasons why people get sick at all-inclusive resorts like this. 1) The weather is hot and we can easily become dehydrated. 2) The food is rich – our stomachs aren’t used to rich foods day-in and day-out for a week. 3) Alcoholic drinks are free – we end up drinking far more alcohol than we are used to. 4) Some of the drinks contain coconut milk (eg Pina Collata) – a natural laxative. 5) We are not accustomed to drinking “water” (as opposed to other fluids) and our body needs water to flush out all the junk we have been eating/drinking. 6) Warmer temperatures grow bacteria faster – it is near impossible to avoid some contact with it. Hence, drink LOTS of bottled water, use some restraint with rich foods and be prepared to have some discomfort at one point or another. It is part of the price you pay.

2 IFA Villas Bavaro Resort and Spa Reviews
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