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Norwegian Majesty
Destination: Norwegian Cruise Cruise
Hotel Rating: Not Rated

Le Bistro French Restaurant Four Seasons Main Restaurant Seven Seas Main Restaurant Pasta Café/Royal Observatory Cafe Royale Piazza San Marco Room Service Le Bistro French Restaurant
Located on Deck 5;
accommodates 62.
Looking for a romantic little table for two? Right this way. The warm, upscale atmosphere at Le Bistro offers a menu of French Mediterranean fare including the classics like Foie Gras and Surf and Turf. Exceptional value, worth the price.
Four Seasons Main Restaurant
Located on Deck 5;
accommodates 241.
There's more to the Four Seasons than meets the eye. As you ponder a menu of international, award-winning cuisine, consider this. The view is so expansive you may forget you're in doors at all.
Seven Seas Main Restaurant
Located on Deck 5;
accommodates 470.
A grand dining room offering impressive views and superb cuisine prepared by award-winning master chefs and members in good standing of Chaine des Rotisseurs gourmet society.
Pasta Café/Royal Observatory
Located on Deck 9;
accommodates 64.
Have your pasta prepared right before your eyes in a cozy, intimate restaurant where stunning views surround you. Choose an excellent Chianti from an extensive wine list and toast to the piano player responsible for creating the perfect ambiance.
Cafe Royale
Located on Deck 10;
accommodates 112.
Please don't dress up on our account as you enjoy an extensive buffet selection in a totally casual indoor/outdoor atmosphere. Choose from omelets and pancakes for breakfast, fruit carving and pasta for lunch and Mexican or Caribbean at night.
Piazza San Marco
Located on Deck 10;
accommodates 60.
Have you got a craving for a pizza? This is the place for you. A wide range of pizza's, burgers and other fast foods can be cooked right before your eyes. Open 23 hours daily. We need one hour to clean. Sorry...
Room Service

If you can't come to the restaurant we'll bring the restaurant to you. We offer a limited menu of items, which can be prepared and brought to your stateroom. Room Service is available 24-hours a day.

Royal Observatory Royal Fireworks Frame 52 Disco Rendezvous Lounge House of Lords Lounge Coffee Bar/Lounge Polo Club Piano Bar Topsiders Bar Pool Bar Royal Observatory
Located on Deck 9;
accommodates 132.
Sit back and take in the beautiful colors of the sea and sky as the sun sinks into the ocean with a full bar as a backdrop. At night, the Royal Observatory doubles as an Italian restaurant. Molto Bene!
Royal Fireworks
Located on Deck 5;
accommodates 220.
Light up the night at the Royal Fireworks where the atmosphere becomes charged when the music comes up and everyone starts dancing.
Frame 52 Disco
Located on Deck 7;
accommodates 130.
After enjoying the beautiful sunset and your dinner has settled, it's time to dance until the wee hours at Frame 52 Disco, a fully boogified disco and bar.
Rendezvous Lounge
Located on Deck 5;
accommodates 88.
This full bar offers a wide selection of cocktails, wines and beer and just like its name, The Rendezvous is a good place to meet. Try one of 31 different martinis served every night.
House of Lords Lounge
Located on Deck 5;
accommodates 82.
Looking for the ideal place for a get together, wedding ceremony or family gathering? This is it. Get away from the crowds in this private room within the Rendezvous Lounge.
Coffee Bar/Lounge
Located on Deck 5;
accommodates 30.
For that double, vanilla, soy, extra hot latte with extra foam, or an Irish Coffee, we are at your service with a wide variety of specialty coffees and a full bar.
Polo Club Piano Bar
Located on Deck 6;
accommodates 61.
If you were playing Polo, this is the place to go after the match. Warm, inviting and quiet with a piano and a player in the background. Try one of 31 different martinis served every night.
Topsiders Bar
Located on Deck 10;
accommodates 10.
Located near the adult pool on the Pool Deck is Topsiders, a full bar in close proximity to an ample sunning area and two hot tubs. It's all part of all part of the total resort experience. Only you're away from the kids. Catch up on some sports, too with big screen TV.
Pool Bar
Located on Deck 10
Located near the swimming pool onboard is the Pool Bar. This full bar is also conveniently located in front of the pool stage and near the hot tubs. Play pool games and dance to the hot sounds of a Caribbean band while sipping a cool drink.

Swimming Pool Monte Carlo Casino Bodywaves Fitness Center Hot Tubs Mandara Spa The Palace Theater Internet Cafe Jogging/Walking Track Children's Splash Pool Galleria Gift Shop Colombian Emeralds International Queen of Hearts Card Room Kid's Korner Video Arcade Library and Game Room Boardroom Swimming Pool
Located on Deck 10
Located in the forward section of the Pool Deck, this pool is 517 sq. ft. Topsiders Bar and the Pool Bar are nearby. The pool is adult and kid friendly.
Monte Carlo Casino
Located on Deck 6
This could be your lucky night. Try your hand a one of 158 slot machines. Or play, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Caribbean Stud Poker (TM) and Let It Ride (TM).
Bodywaves Fitness Center
Located on Deck 7
Get your heart rate up with an aerobics class or with a quick workout in the gym at the Fitness Cetner.
Hot Tubs
Located on Deck 10
There are two outdoor hot tubs on Norwegian Majesty. Both are located on the Pool Deck on either side of the children's swimming pool, Topsiders Bar and the Pool Bar.
Mandara Spa
Located on Deck 7
If being pampered is your idea of a vacation, Mandara Spa is for you. This full service beauty salon and spa offers a full range of spa treatments you'll also find workout machines in the gym.
The Palace Theater
Located on Deck 6;
accommodates 590.
It's showtime! And we've got a really big show for you at the Palace Theater. Enjoy Broadway and Vegas-style shows with cocktails before or after dinner.
Internet Cafe
Located on Deck 5;
accommodates 8.
Want to send an update to family and friends back home? This is the place to be when you need to get online. Computer and Internet facilities, plus a computer lecture and training area is available.
Jogging/Walking Track
Located on Deck 7
Run circles around the other passengers or get your daily walk in before breakfast on the outdoor track.
Children's Splash Pool
Located on Deck 9
Just like its name, The Children's Splash Pool is just right for pint-size splashing and playing. Parental supervision is a must.
Galleria Gift Shop
Located on Deck 5
Need a new bathing suit? How about a surprise gift for your sweetheart? The Galleria Shops offers a wide selection of brand name and specialty goodies from Bijoux Terner to souvenirs, beach wear and sundries.
Colombian Emeralds International
Located on Deck 5
There's never a jewelry store around when you need one, right? Except when on you're onboard Norwegian Majesty. You'll find a fine selection of loose gems stones, beautiful settings and renowned watches at tax and duty free prices.
Queen of Hearts Card Room
Located on Deck 5;
accommodates 28.
Here is one room where playing games is not just encouraged, it's expected. Find another couple and play bridge or test your skill with chess, checkers, Scrabble and more.
Kid's Korner
Located on Deck 9;
accommodates 60.
Get into the zone of fun because this place is just for kids. From the very smallest to the biggest, there's plenty to do for all ages.
Video Arcade
Located on Deck 5;
accommodates 20.
Stop by the video arcade and capture a few aliens, win a car race, play pinball and fly a jet fighter. Let your imagination run wild at the Court Jester Video Arcade.
Library and Game Room
Located on Deck 5;
accommodates 30.
You'll find a well-stocked selection of things to read with all the elegant trimmings a good library deserves. Games are also available. So, grab a partner or four and play bridge, rummy, chess, checkers, Scrabble® and more.
Located on Deck 5;
accommodates 15.
Norwegian Majesty's meeting room offers all the amenities of a world-class boardroom for parties of 16 or less.

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