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Paul Gauguin
Destination: Radisson Cruise Cruise
Hotel Rating: Not Rated

In today's world of even-larger ships, a cruise on the Paul Gauguin reinforces the joys of sailing on a smaller, more intimate vessel. The Paul Gauguin is designed with a different concept in mind. A concept which defines the quality of luxury in very personal terms. It is about space. Time. Serenity. Simplicity. And appreciation of the beauty of the world's last natural island paradise. Essentially, it is about celebrating the art of living.

The Paul Gauguin is a small vessel designed to frame the beauty of French Polynesia, not overwhelm it. Its intimate size, subtle elegance and open, airy ambience complement and embrace the dramatic beauty of the islands, much as Paul Gauguin's evocative brushstrokes immortalized the enchanting landscapes and seascapes of Tahiti a century ago. The Paul Gauguin is not merely a ship, it is an integral part of its destination, an immersion into a timeless, unspoiled world.

For those who seek art in life and vice versa, your cruise will be a time to rejuvenate and awaken the senses to the enjoyment of simple pleasures. A time to discover a world where mind and body are in harmony with nature. Where every morning, you awake refreshed and revitalized in a setting as restful and beautiful as the dawn. And every new experience brings joy to your soul. Like Paul Gauguin setting out for Tahiti and Polynesia, you will find that mysterious world of light, free and beautiful, without thoughts of tomorrow.

The 19,200-ton m/s Paul Gauguin has offered year-round seven-night cruises in the pristine paradise of Tahiti and French Polynesia since January 1998 (and is the most elegant vessel to be based there year-round). Sailing every Saturday from Papeete (Tahiti), the ship visits Raiatea, Tahaa (for a call at RSSC's private islet of Motu Mahana), Bora Bora and Moorea. All staterooms feature ocean views (50 percent with private balconies). The ship has a casually elegant dress code suitable to the destination, as well as cuisine inspired by a two-star Michelin French chef, complimentary watersports and her own retractable marina.

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