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Windjammer Cruise Hotels & Resorts

S.V Legacy

This four-masted Barquentine, formerly the France II, was built in 1959 by Forges et al Meditterranee of Le Havre, France and served as a meteorological research vessel for the French Government. Acquired by Windjammer in 1989, she was renovated with custom interiors, spacious accommodations and state-of-the-art navigationa...

S.V Mandalay

Queen of the fleet, this 236-foot Barquentine was built in 1923 for financier E.F. Hutton and christened HUSSAR. In the 1930?s she was sold to shipping magnate George Vettlesen who re-christened her VEMA. Later she was put into service by Columbia University sailing over 1 1/4 million miles worldwide. Evidence gathered on h...

S.V Polynesia

Built in 1938, ARGUS was one of the last of the great Portuguese Grand Banks fleet. Polynesia was featured in the May 1952 edition of National Geographic magazine and in the late maritime writer, Allen Villers? book, ?The Quest for the Schooner Argus.? This legendary 248-foot schooner was acquired by Windjammer in 1975 and ...

S.V Yankee Clipper

Built in 1927, CRESSIDA, was one of the only armor plated private yachts in the world. Confiscated during World War II as a war prize, she was later acquired by the Vanderbilts and renamed PIONEER. Racing off Newport Beach, California, PIONEER was considered one of the fastest tall ships on the west coast. In 1965, she join...

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