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Fiji Destination Information

More then anything else, Fiji is an exotic destination. It's the exhilaration of a dolphin arching high into the air beside your boat; the long gliding swoop of an orange dove through the rainforest; the smiles of excited children performing in unison to the beat of a hollow log drum. Our 333 islands can sizzle with excitement or murmur with the quiet calm of pristine nature. Where else can you sw ... Read Full Description

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Hotel Capricorn Nadi
Destination: Fiji South Pacific
Hotel Rating: 3.0 Stars

Fiji is one of these paradises on earth that you would wish everyone had seen. But the islands have more to offer than just beaches where you can bum, and water where you can snorkel. There are many scenic and historic attractions in Fiji. Sites of interest on Fiji include the Cultural Centre at Orchid Island, just outside of Suva, the mysterious earthworks at Taveuni and the old colonial houses (situated all over Fiji). The ethnic variety of Fiji society can be seen mainly in the towns. There are powerfully built Fijians dressed in wrap-around sulus, numerous Indians, men in Western clothes, women wearing colourful saris and a scattering of European, Chinese and other Pacific Islanders. One tradition of both the Indians and Fijians is the practice of fire-walking. Fijian fire-walking has its origin in legend, while Indian fire-walking is done for religious reasons; although tourists can pay to see these ceremonies, the ritual remains a religious penance and not merely a tourist attraction. Cruises on large schooners or yachts to the different islands can be arranged, and tours around the main islands in comfortable coaches are also available. For the hardier, hiking in the mountains with dramatic views of the islands is another option.

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