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Club Med Destination Information

Club Med is not just a vacation or an all-inclusive getaway. It's an experience. A feeling. A place where you can lose yourself or find yourself at the same time. A chance to re-connect with the people that matter most to you. Like family. Friends. And most importantly… yourself.

While the best way to experience Club Med is to actually go there, the links below will give you a better understanding of what you can expect. Our History page travels down memory lane and details how our unique concept was born. Our section on G.O.s and G.M.s will tell you why they are the lifeblood of this truly unique destination. Our Villages page clearly defines each type we offer and helps you decide which one is right for you. The Kids Clubs page will explain why a vacation with kids can still be a vacation. And the Sports link will give you the score on the world's largest sports school.

So go ahead. Take the leap. Get ready to re-awaken your spirit. Recharge your batteries. Reconnect with your former self. And discover a destination unlike any other on earth. Where even the little things in life become… bigger than life. Club Med. Re-new.

No matter what you call them, Club Med just wouldn't be Club Med without the G.O.s (Gentils Organisateurs or Gracious Organizers): a unique team of professional international hosts and hostesses entirely dedicated to taking care of our guests, the G.M.s (Gentil Membres or Gracious Members). Infused with the spirit of Club Med, this mulit-talented team is an essential ingredient in the magical ambiance that keeps guests coming back year after year.

Today, there are over 10,000 G.O.s of over 80 different nationalities working around the clock, around the world, looking after a million details to ensure that each G.M. leaves Club Med with extraordinary memories. Organizing the sports, taking care of the kids, even performing on stage, this enthusiastic, specially trained bunch works day and night to turn your week-long vacation into a lifelong memory.

Club Med Vacations

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