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Cunard Cruise Hotels & Resorts

Queen Elizabeth 2

How can words hope to do justice to her immortal story? Itís the story of an iconic favourite, an undisputed legend of the seas that, spans forty years, crosses continents, circles the globe and inspires generation upon generation. Already she has carried over two million voyagers, many returning time after time to their...

Queen Mary 2

Welcome to Queen Mary 2 - the grandest, most magnificent ocean liner ever built. She's a true heir to the timeless elegance, legacy and inspiration of the great Cunard liners of legend. You'll notice it the moment you walk through her doors into her soaring Grand Lobby, and be awed from the first instance you experience the...

Queen Victoria

With the launch of Queen Victoria in December 2007, three Queens will sail together under the Cunard banner for the first time in our history. To set eyes on her sleek outline, with her distinctive black and red livery, is to recognise her instantly as the latest Classic Cunarder, a unique marriage of heritage and innov...

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